"Featured Finds” Vinyl Records

For this episode of Featured Finds we’re going to talk about vinyl records.

Unfortunately many record shops have closed in Brooklyn, but we’re proud to announce that we carry vinyl. 

Even if you don’t have a record collection - consider decorating your home or office with records as many have awesome covers!

 Check out our current inventory at: https://brooklynwokevintage.com/collections/music


👉 Check out our current inventory at: https://brooklynwokevintage.com/colle... We'll also be sure to send you a free reel with each purchase!

🏠 Visit our store in Brooklyn: 158 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249 or

 Our pop-up shop in Bryant Park Manhattan: 6th Avenue and 41 Street, New York, NY

📩 We can also be reached at: brooklynwokevintage@gmail.com