Brooklyn Woke Vintage is a sustainable company recycling happiness while saving the planet. 

What began as a store remodel, thrifting ended up becoming my favorite activity. My other love is reuniting customs with their long lost love for nostalgia.

I primarily concentrate on used collectibles from the 70's to 2000’s. Some of the products I hunt are refurbished Polaroid cameras, 35mm, 8mm cameras, brass decor, typewriters, license plates, Life magazines, comics, sealed Playboys.

You can find epic toys (sold without original) packaging such as Viewmasters & reels, 90's Ty Beany Babies, Cabbage Patch dolls, Teddy Ruxpin, Trolls, Furbies, Toy Story, GI Joe, Star Wars Figures, LJN/JAKKS wrestling figures, and more!

We also offer vintage sports gear such as baseball mitts, baseballs, wood bats, wood tennis racquets and wax pack baseball cards.

Music memorabilia is HUGE in Brooklyn. Used vinyl and cassettes also make great wall decor and stocking stuffers. 

We also just debuted a unisex apparel line including tees, caps and hoodies. Our urban wear will all be loving made in Brooklyn.

My customers often say my shop is a treasure trove of happiness waiting to be re-discovered. 

Recycling is my objective - sustainability is my drive.

From Brooklyn with Love...
Michael Nicolini